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While that may be difficult to do, avoiding going out on regular dates surely does frustrate the paparazzi off.

The couple then actually gets some much needed privacy for themselves minus the glares from camera flashes.

Website Yibada notes that there have been several recent reports that have suggested Lee Min-ho and Bae Suzy are not having the best of times; that their relationship has soured.

The k-pop idol and actress will clear any such doubts about her relationship with Lee Min-ho in her upcoming reality show 'Off the Rec Suzy.' A recent trailer for 'Off the Rec Suzy,' shows that Bae was asked about the frequency of her going out on a date with her boyfriend, 'The Legend of the Blue Sea' star Lee Min-ho. Bae Suzy said that she and her boyfriend went on dates at least once a month.

If true, this reveals the hectic work schedule that both have and they put their jobs above romance.

This is not unheard of as many celebrities purposefully like to avoid the spotlight on their private relationships.

suitable and compatible partner for each other since they are getting married...

Taylor Swift and South Korean actor Lee Min-ho make an unlikely couple, but that's what the rumours suggest.

Well, it seems like the Miss A girl group member will be shedding light on the current status of their highly publicised relationship.Korean superstar Lee Min Ho, best known to Filipino fans for his role as Gu Jun Pyo in the hit series "Boys Over Flowers," will start his mandatory military service next month, his talent agency said.The Korean Herald received a statement from MYM Entertainment that read: "Lee Min Ho's enlistment date was confirmed today.Many seem to think the "Bad Blood" singer is dating the "Boys Over Flowers" actor after her relationship with Tom Hiddleston ended.It's unclear how Swift and the actor's dating rumours began, but a recent article on Channel News Asia may have something to do with it.

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