Updating google voice on new phone

Threaded conversations are supported too, and Google is working with mobile operators to bring rich messaging through RCS to its users in the future.

RCS, as you may recall, was recently rolled out to Android phones on Sprint and Rogers‘ networks, allowing customers to take advantage of this next-gen SMS technology.

Sprint customers can now seamlessly enable Google Voice on their mobile phones without having to get a new number, or choose to display their Google Voice number when making calls from their mobile phone.

Google Voice was waning a few weeks ago, then Google suddenly brought it back and gave it a fresh coat of paint. Google promised it would continue updating Google Voice, and indeed it is.

There's a new update rolling out today with more conversation management options, GIFs, and more.

Make calls from your Google Voice number, get cheap rates for international calling, send free texts to U. numbers, and get push notifications when you receive new voicemails and texts. You can now call any phone in the US and Canada for free and at very low rates internationally.

And if you have a Google Voice number you can also receive calls from right within Gmail. The Google Voice Extension gives you easy access to voicemail, calling, and texting - all from a button on your browser.

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