Unexpected error occurred while updating required files

Summary: This document covers most of the errors you might encounter while installing, configuring, and using Reporting Services Share Point integration for SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server 2005.Installing and configuring Microsoft® SQL Server® Reporting Services integration with Share Point® services can be a complicated process; if the correct process is not followed, it can be easy to experience problems.Consider using the branches command to locate directly related items, consider using /baseless, or reformulate your merge request.TF14115: You can not branch from a workspace version spec when the workspace contains a pending delete underneath the source of the branch.Today when launcing Diablo 3 I got the following error:"An unexpected error occurred while updating required files. The closest thread I found was this: https://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5642268404 (I posted in that topic also)Sorry if my googling skills have failed me, but I couldn't find a topic with this exact problem. It's weird as the game was working fine until today. I googled around a bit for solutions but so far I've found nothing where an actual answer is posted.

Usually this error is caused by the download being incomplete or being interrupted.Basically what it came down to, is that there is something running on my computer that is blocking the signal to blizzard.so my launcher thinks it needs an update when it actually does not (i know this because when i run the launcher in safe mode it says Up to date) so my launcher sends a message to blizzard saying "WTF bro?I finally got the game to download by using safe mode.so i switch back to regular and every time i try to launch the game an error pops up saying "An unexpected error occurred while updating required files. It loads the launcher and says "initializing" then the error pops up and when i click ok on the error the launcher closes. Check your system proxy settings and internet explorer proxy settings.

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