Technology behind online dating on line international dating sites

Once the last resort for lonely hearts, online dating has become socially acceptable, even widespread – 4.7 million British people visited a dating site during 2008.

But popular as such sites may be, finding your ideal match online can take a lot of time, as traditional dating sites force users to read dozens or even hundreds of profiles.

I arrived early and sat at a table in a conspicuous spot.

Although some still resist mobile dating, the growing popularity is extraordinary.

Tinder officials said they now see 26 million matches every day, resulting in 11 billion matches since their launch.

So some sites are helping people narrow the field by using an algorithm – a set of logical instructions for solving a problem – to find love online.

These algorithms take personal information, such as your interests, and push the data through a computer to calculate a couple’s degree of compatibility (or lack of).

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