Mel c dating

And it has now been claimed the 57-year-old music mogul - who has worked alongside Mel for several years on - gave his friend the push she needed to walk away from the relationship.

According to TMZ, Simon and others working on the shows felt there was something "seriously wrong" with the marriage, but Mel, 41, would never admit to anything and made various excuses to explain away her bruises.

Shortly after the onset of the Vietnam War, Hutton Gibson relocated his family to Australia for fear that his sons would be drafted into battle.

Without any prior acting experience, he was accepted into and enrolled at the drama school.

Not long after, Gibson made his stage debut in a NIDA production of , in which he also starred as a severely disfigured burn victim.

Mel alleges Stephen ordered Lorraine to have an abortion after he allegedly got her pregnant and paid her 0,000 for 'nanny services' during her employment.

Mel, 41, who is divorcing her husband of ten years, said he 'went ballistic' when she finally plucked up the courage to sack the nanny in 2015.

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