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“If this were to hit the market it would be worth a fortune…

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Rumor has it that Chris and Rihanna hooked up yet AGAIN…time at NYC hotspot Griffin, but what makes it even more scandalous, is the hookup continued in the bathroom with numerous onlookers watching it go down. ” confesses Kim 2.0 during Kanye Gate, because when in doubt, make a sex tape with a rapper.

According to Media Take Out, Rihanna, walked into a private bathroom in the club and Chris followed right after. Anyway, the tape, which we’ll now refer to as Kanye Gate from now on, runs about 20 minutes, and features a Kardashian look-alike, which just means he’s been kind of obsessing about her all along… Filmed in a hotel room, Kim 2.0 makes it very clear that she’s of legal age in the beginning of the tape — jailbait is just not okay. We really hope her husband never saw the vid, and actually kind of wish we knew more information about all of that. Radar Online viewed Kanye Gate in its entirety and confirms that it is indeed West, and also mentions that he’s aware he’s being filmed, as he’s the one who set up the camera and stares into it just before shutting it off! A San Fernando sex industry insider (apparently that’s a thing) offered insight on the vid, and says it was filmed shortly before West got with Kardashian.

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