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There’s an Uber for weed, babysitters, and dog boarding.And now there’s even an Uber for “paid dates.” Ohlala, a German app that lets men set up paid dates with women, just launched its service in New York.Gawkers sister site Jezebel questioned how safe it is for women to travel with someone they met online."There's just such a giant window for dishonestly and coercion here," Jezebel's Lindy West writes." You're not just on a date with someone — you're on a boat, you're in a hotel room, you're in f---ing Thailand.” West wonders about the girl who winds up 5,000 miles away from home ... On Miss Travels “How it Works” page, members are reminded that “online dating is risky” and urged to “practice a common sense approach when meeting a stranger online.” Wade runs two other dating websites, and “It’s simple: We match people for paid dates immediately. The request includes how much they’re willing to pay and how long they want the date to last.

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It consistently undermines one of the primary lessons our parents at least tried to instill in us: “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” After almost three years of being an active Tinder user in New York City, I feel confident telling you that I’ve judged more covers than a publishing house.A new dating site promises to link high-rolling globetrotters with pretty women who want to travel the world for free.Miss Travel pairs attractive women with generous jetsetters who hate to go on trips alone and are willing to foot the bill for a companion.I can only imagine after countless years of telling me I should pick a mate based on kindness, intelligence, and loyalty, how proud my mom would be to know I now "swipe left" when someone doesn't meet my height requirements...or has a tagline like "just trying to get it in." New York takes Tinder to an entire other God-awful level. What happens when you take New York’s already infinity options and add infinity more options, and then multiply that by ego and flakiness?

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