Consolidating credit counseling services new rules for dating

If you are considering the benefits of a consolidated credit counseling service, it is likely that your debt situation has reached a point of desperation.

Credit counseling is usually a last resort if you have tried debt consolidation and working with your creditors alone.

Using these services is sometimes risky, but they may help you avoid bankruptcy.

One primary benefit of a good credit counseling service is that it serves as an intermediary between you and your creditors.

And we continually update our services and practices to comply with any changes in state and federal regulations.

ACCC's consolidated credit counseling services are convenient and flexible with extended hours in the evenings and weekends.

A credit counselor reaches out to your creditors to learn about your situation and to negotiate terms of repayment that are more manageable.

You are better off getting budget assistance long before you get into debt trouble, but consolidated credit companies can help you put a plan together.

We talk about your goals and review your income, expenses, and assets.Most people who have heard about consolidated credit counseling companies believe that the only service available is debt consolidation.But in reality, that's only one of many services provided.As a newer organization in an industry with a long history, it has taken time and resources to grow Consolidated to the same level as many of our industry colleagues,” Schwartz wrote in an email after an interview with the Star.“Likewise, it has taken time to build a team of counsellors with the qualifications and skills to meet our high client-service expectations,” he continued.“We are now at a point where many members of our counselling team are exceeding these expectations, which is why we have invested in their AFCCs (Accredited Financial Counsellor Canada) certification designation.”Schwartz told the Star that three counsellors were nearing completion of the course materials and were preparing to write the exams in mid-February.

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