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Anonymous type members must be declared with a member assignment, simple name or member access.". /* This code example produces the following output: Capacity: 0 Tyrannosaurus Amargasaurus Mamenchisaurus Deinonychus Compsognathus Capacity: 8 Count: 5 Contains("Deinonychus"): True Insert(2, "Compsognathus") Tyrannosaurus Amargasaurus Compsognathus Mamenchisaurus Deinonychus Compsognathus dinosaurs[3]: Mamenchisaurus Remove("Compsognathus") Tyrannosaurus Amargasaurus Mamenchisaurus Deinonychus Compsognathus Trim Excess() Capacity: 5 Count: 5 Clear() Capacity: 5 Count: 0 */ Universal Windows Platform Available since 8 .

In the previous tutorial you displayed related data; in this tutorial you'll update related data.

If you see a cell range such as this, the cell you selected populates its list from the cells in the specified range.

Proceed to the next section if you see a named range in the “Source” text box.

We are aware of this issue and trying to resolve the issue in a future release.

The workaround to this problem is to run the Java Control Panel as administrator, and then make changes to the Java update settings.

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