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Says Ancier, "This will be an homage to our shows." The schedule is: 5pm ET - Felicity, 6pm ET - Angel, 7pm ET - Buffy (2 hours), 9pm ET - Dawson's Creek.

6.25.06 - Zap2It.com: Pink Power Ranger Subdues Red Lobster You can't really beat free Maine lobster, unless it's free lobster eaten in the company of "Islander" star Amy Jo Johnson, of "Felicity" and "Power Rangers" fame.

17, by rebroadcasting the pilots of signature series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Felicity, Angel and Dawson's Creek, Variety reports.

The Ben versus Noel debate will likely continue until the end of time. The show starred Keri Russell as the show’s titular character, and it was a hit for the WB among young viewers when it debuted in 1998.Then: As Felicity Porter, Keri Russell was the protagonist and title character.Spending all of her free time in school on theater productions, Miller altered her plans, and focused on pursuing a career in the performing arts.She made her professional stage debut with the Alabama Shakespeare Festival before enrolling as a graduate student at the University of California at Irvine.

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