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This couple share two kids together, Rafaella a six-year-old daughter and a four -year- old son Memphis.Besides that, Kirke was a stepmom to Mosberg's two kids Elijah (son) and Lea (daughter) from his previous relationship. According to the interview that Kirke had with The Telegraph, Jemima and Mosberg met at a rehab.

The former party-girl has recently started drinking again socially after years of sobriety, according to the interview.

The media till date hasn’t yet popularized information on her marriage as well as her current affairs as through any of its branches.

As neither has there been any news or rumors of her dating someone as her boyfriend and nor has there been any details about her being married to any one to be her husband or any news of her having children been published.

Although it's not confirmed it had anything to do with the split, she did say at the time her husband was worried about her going down that road again. He said, 'Look, I would never tell you what to do; you are an adult — just don't f--k it up.' He had every right to be scared, he knew my story,' she told The Telegraph.

She continued: 'But I was a different person back then. I didn't have children.'Aside from her own two kids, Kirke was stepmother to Mosberg's son Elijah and daughter Lea from a previous relationship.

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