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Whether you're new to the sitcom that put writer Larry David on the map, or watching Kramer burst through that door for the thousandth time, we advise you watch all nine seasons and become master of situation comedy's domain.

Noah Hawley's bold adaptation of the perfect 1996 movie sometimes tries too hard to shoehorn in allusions to the source material and other Coen brothers films, but a crackerjack premise and an inspired performance by Billy Bob Thornton elevated it well above mere facsimile.

Here are the shows -- and only the stickiest series, with enough episodes to get you totally hooked, and plenty of fresh plotlines to keep you guessing over the course of a single weekend -- just waiting to be discovered by your random scrolling: ian code, which makes them our favorite kind of platonic power couple.

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A Series of Unfortunate Events is a bizarre, subversive collection of children's books written by Daniel Handler (aka Lemony Snicket).

Let me get this straight before I begin: un Real is disturbing and sickening and hard to watch. It centers around a fictional reality dating show called "Everlasting".

The show may start out slow, but by the second episode, it sinks its teeth in.

), Kristen Bell's deceased cretin Eleanor is erroneously given a berth in a heaven-esque afterworld.

Once the high-concept show gets past establishing its characters and premise, you'll enjoy watching her do whatever she can to avoid being found out and sent to hell by her friendly neighborhood architect, Michael (Ted Danson).

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    Joking about her “raging temper” on ITV’s Loose Women , the presenter told the rest of the panel about a specific incident that caused the husband-and-wife-to-be to suffer a massive bust up.

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    The casting I am aiming for is American who came over British person directly involved in the base Bystander affected by bases arriving Each would talk about the social aspects of a large number of Americans turning up in a small English community, and then go on to talk about the impact of one of the near nuclear misses.

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