Online dating honesty

In our small Massachusetts town, and our tiny college campus, it seemed silly not to widen your pool if you could, whether you were looking for a long-term relationship or a booty call.

Post-graduation, when people scattered to new, far-flung cities, dating online became an alluring way to narrow down the options. It lets you be immediately choosy in a way you maybe wouldn’t be in real life.

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These days what we think is the right thing to do is wrong and everything is about power plays, down playing and denying.

I was sitting there sipping my beer wondering what I was supposed to say to these statements after only knowing this guy for a total of maybe 5 hours of my life.

I thanked him for his honesty and thanked him for the two dates.

It’s a breath of fresh air to meet others that I wouldn’t have met if I wasn’t on-line.

Like most of your readers, I am a strong, independent woman who likes the alpha male persona and am working on many of the things that strong, successful, independent women tend to need assistance with when dating.

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