Most intimidating athletes

Photo by Macyn Morriss RENEE RIVERA; 4-time track & field state qualifier By Coach Luis Garcia On May 10, 2014, Renee Rivera, a shy athletic freshman, showed up at Mike A. This was Renee’s first taste of elite competition and she handled it like a champ. Myers Stadium for the last time in search of another metal to add to her illustrious career.This year Renee will be competing in the long jump and will once again face Texas’ very best; including the defending champion in this event, Alexa Valenzuela from Refugio.“Success in life comes from surrounding yourself by great people, and I have that on the court and off the court.” So what are this super-mom’s plans for Mother’s Day? I travel so much with my job and any weekend at home is a beautiful weekend.” Walsh Jennings will also be celebrating her own mother on Sunday.She recently partnered with Tempur-Pedic for their mom-centered campaign, “You’re Important.LEZLIE JONES; 3rd time on the big stage in Austin By Coach Erica Urias Senior, Lezlie Jones will be competing in the State Golf Championship at Roy Kizer Golf Course in Austin, on May 15 and 16.This is Jones’ third time on the big stage and her goal this year is to leave every ounce of heart and sweat on the course.

Instead of watching TV and eating, I now workout and eat Paleo.In Seattle, belief in the power of Seahawks fans to disrupt opponents is so fervent that they're dubbed "The 12th Man," and the No. On December 1, Robertson certified them as holders of the Guinness World Record after a coordinated cheer reached 137.6 decibels—nearly twice as loud as the 130 d B pain threshold, per Purdue University, and louder than a fighter jet launching from the deck of an aircraft carrier.With that mighty roar, the Seahawks claimed the crown back from the Kansas City Chiefs.Renee’s High School Medals include, 90 Gold, 19 Silver, and 6 Bronze, for a total of 115 medals.Favorite Event: Junior year(long jump)-…”I didn’t know I had a chance at state because I was only ranked 4th.” Walking up the stairs to the podium at state: “It was like a stairway to success!

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