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Santeetlah Marina and the surrounding property have an interesting history dating back to the early 1960’s with the development of Thunderbird Mountain. Until recently Lake Santeetlah was home to the state record largemouth and walleye.

Lake Santeetlah also has a good population of crappie, bream and lake trout.

And while my face on this page is not too common, and for good reason, at least not holding a big fish, here's a selfie of the fat bitch.. On Saturday Rhonda Kossub caught this 9.93, a new personal best for her and a fine looking fish it was.. The Atascosa Bass Club was in town for a two day tourney, and on Saturday they had two fish over eight pounds weighed in. (Garlic) If you have never used Smelly Jelly then you don't know what you are missing. Some folks catching crappie the the Mexican outlet.. I have heard a good many reports the last few days from other fishermen that have caught a ton of bass as well.. We did get 2.15 inches of rain on Sunday night, and some areas on the river above us got a lot more.. These went into the Tigers and I believe this puts us at about 425,000 for the year.. Well we have made some progress on what's going to be done as a peace offering on that. There is about three foot of water over the bridge rails here in the Veleno.. Except for me hitting a stump coming out of Hedieona and bending my prop shaft.. Yesterday I went to Sugar for the first time in a year.. We should be getting close to 500,000 before the next month or so is over. So that means I have fished nine days without fishing Falcon. Bass Champs is at Amistad this weekend, so I will imagine it will be a slow weekend around here. April 15, 2017: It's Easter weekend here in Zapata, and the natives are restless.. Last night we had a rogue thunderstorm pop up about three thirty, and it rained and hailed for about thirty minutes. But for now it is still hush-hush as details are being worked out.. We are scheduled for stocking of Florida fingerlings in late May or early June I hear, and we should be getting about 400,000 to 500,000, if things go well at the hatcheries and all go as planned. We are not going to have a good year class this go round.. I got back in from Picachos yesterday, and have not spoken to a lot of folks about what they have been doing here on Falcon. These guys were buying trick worms and Spot Remover type shakey heads.. I guess the big news is water levels and water movement. There was a big rain around Del Rio while I was gone.. They are also releasing about 7000 CFS out of Amistad. On Amistad, Ray Hanselman has donated a trip as well. My left hand is getting better, so maybe it won't be so long before I am back to filling your computer with more bullshit. But hell I'd probably say the same thing in August.. And pay particular attention to basket style hardwoods and thickets.. The only drawback is that it makes it hard for some folks to pee over the side of the boat.. There was an armada of boats down in front of the dam this weekend, and a lot of fish are being caught off the rip rap itself, and off the ledges and humps that are so famous out in front of the dam. And then there is time spent sitting in front of this computer, wasting time so I can waste some of yours.. My choice of words was poor, and I would like to withdraw the dumbass part and just say that they are ignorant. With so many people being so loose on what their definition of truth is, I can see how some folks may be confused, or otherwise disinformed of actual situations about real life happenings. But to quote Jules in Pulp Fiction, "That shit ain't the truth.."Of course when you have a president of the United States of America, say that a blowjob is not sex, I can see how some folks, maybe those that are ignorant, or disinformed, could get confused. It's the continual lying about everything, that goes on in politics.. She has a couple of good teachers, including her last boss.. Windblown rocky points, and there's not a lot of other kinds about now, held a lot of fish, and in those waters there were a lot of schooling fish. If you asked her if she uses cream in her coffee she'd probably lie about if just out of habit..

Heavy stringers were in the sixteen pound range, so it appears that numbers of big fish were hard to come by. Similar results have been reported by most folks that have been down. It is kinda like using that pheromone spray that was around in the seventies.. But when it comes to fishing, I need all the help I can get.. Some folks catching white bass at the American outlet.. Now a lot of these are small, but there are more and more fifteen to eighteen inch fish showing up. If we would close the gates we might have caught some water.. I'll spare you the details on the estimates of what was killed, which left off a few species on the actual report. But the road contractor, Anderson Columbia, has volunteered to do some work for us down at the county park. But the reoccurring theme is that the better fish are down south.. So get in the habit of running to the west going in and out of the Veleno.. The contract lake that was stocked with Sharelunker fingerlings about three years ago.. Because I have been hearing of these big fish and a good number of em.. There is not a lot for these fish to hide in, but it is what it is.. The smell of chicken on charcoal, fajitas and ribs on mesquite, and burning rubber fill the air.. When do we see Mexican game wardens/law enforcement on the water? We got about a half inch of rain, which will settle the dust for a day or so.. We don't have a lot of places for baby fish to hide this year, so we'll have to do some research as where to put them.. I got the news this week that the API tournament will be held the weekend of June 8-10.. It will be an open tourney I hear, and there is no requirement for the fishermen to be oil field related. But this AM I talked to a few and they said they are catching a bunch of small fish.. But the rain influx is about to run out and I am sure we will continue to drop for the near future.. I have not been out there, but I bet a C-rig with a super fluke or baby brush hog will catch some fish.. I am not a guide, but I have been on the lake a time or two.. If you would like to bid on a guide, or make a donation to the cause, please e-mail your bid with the guide you'd like to fish with to Jim Behnken. His e-mail address is [email protected] can pay by check, or ask Jim about online payment options. We have a lot of wet fishermen in the store this morning, as a few brave souls have been out there testing their rain gear. But it is looking like most of the boats are back off the water. Although there is just not much thick stuff out there.. Those boats have been there for good reason, as a lot of quality fish have been hanging out around that rock fence.. There is not a bad way to fish on Falcon right now. There were several ten pounders caught this weekend, and a bunch of six to eight pound fish as well.. Get your ass down here before we are piling them up with a maintainer.. Saying that someone is ignorant is not a slight on them, it just means that they are not informed. I want to offer an olive branch to you closet readers of the Flash Report. But I do want you to inform yourselves with the truth, and when you do and your ignorance fades, you will leave the Democrat party quicker than a cat can lick his ass. I find it funny that the old school Republicans can't figure out why many from their party are supporting Trump. And while we caught em here and there, we did not whack em anywhere.. A crankbait and a spinnerbait were great choices to catch a bunch of fish. And if you are new to this site just read below a bit and you'll see what is going on.. I have been talking with PAW about the pipe under the service road alongside the Veleno bridge the last couple of days. But any of you that thought she would have any charges filed against her are not paying attention. There is no doubt that there is a different set of laws for the Clinton's.

Santeetlah Marina is located in the Town of Lake Santeetlah at Thunderbird Mountain just 7 miles north of Robbinsville off Hwy 129 on Thunderbird Mountain Road. What I know is that he lost his parents and other family members unexpectedly and since then he's had a lot to deal with. The self-study program includes three (3) 30 minute phone sessions last along with outside homework, including reading and DVD training (which would be the same as a classroom setting or counseling).Although there have not been a lot of people fishing here lately. But after the second time I got back a senko after I threw a POM, I decided to switch to a Rage Craw.. Walk into a disco with that shit slathered on you and... And four or five boats bass fishing on the riprap and humps.. We caught a few crappie on the concrete, but I did not like the way the weather was looking so we headed back towards Zapata a bit and stopped in the Tigers.. Where are all the fifteen to eighteen inch fish we caught last year?? The only cover we have in the lake is hardwoods and a few fine sticks on very flat banks. And they are magnets with no dense brush in the water.. And I think it will be a great improvement to the little used facility that we have there. We have about two feet of water to go before the state park ramp becomes un useable.. I have been talking about a little project that we have been working on with TPWD and Dr. Anyway if you have been following along you knew that we planned to move a bunch of fish from La Perla to Falcon, to keep the lake that these fish have been living in from getting over crowded.. Well evidently being gone for a year did not help me any, because we never got anything going.. We caught about ten fish, missed a few, and our biggest was one five pounder.. I have had a lot of irons in the fire as of late, and not a lot of it has anything to do with the actual running of a tackle store. And I'll tell you more about them in the next few weeks. Yes, the locals, which includes me, are primarily Catholic, and view Easter as a major holiday. But I am sure that is where the urge to gather and party originated.. The fishermen that I have talked to say that they are catching, and not catching fish, in most every way known to man. Look for more info soon and contact info in the near future. And yes of course Mexican lakes have a lot of water in them.. Points with rock are still the best number producers around here.. I was looking at the tournament schedule and we don't have anything on the books for the next few weeks.. Of course I went with Ron Speed, and when you do, you don't have to worry about much.. But if there is a glob of wood or a combination of trees together, beat it to death.. If you like flipping woods, throwing squarebill's, cranking a deep diver, dragging a Carolina Rig, drop shotting, or trolling, you can catch fish.. A lot of these big fish have come on deep diving crankbaits, fished off deep ledges and humps. But that is certainly not the only place that good fish have been caught. It has been five years since we were full, and it might be five years till we are full again.. I'd settle for somewhere in-between where we are now, and full. Last time we filled up it had been thirteen years since the time before.. I am not a fan of the new school Republican party either.. And it is also a fact that many of their party are leaning more and more Libertarian.. But I am not sure that most people who are so supportive of it could handle it if a true Libertarian got elected.."We want drugs to be legalized! We did find a couple of places where we caught a few decent fish. Either of the baits needs to have some chartreuse on it.. Flipping the trees is also catching a lot of fish.. But in a nutshell, fish water ten feet deep and in, and throw a good flippin bait or a jig. My concern is that the water is dropping, and getting hotter most every day. And I am afraid that we could have a fish kill on the east side of the bridge, if these two water bodies don't get reconnected. I know the water can't be eight feet deep on the back side.. I guess by now you have heard that it is official.. But the three day weekend did bring out a few more than we have seen as of late. I think that's why God put nipples on the ends of breasts.. Where we caught the majority of our crappie off two deep brush piles.. Anderson Columbia is going to donate materials and labor to build a paved road that will wrap around the giant pavilion that we have at the top of the parking lot. These are first and second generation Sharelunker offspring. Collection of the fish by electro shocking commenced on Thursday evening, and by noon on Friday they had collected 1000 fish ( -) to be moved to Falcon. This report may run counter to what you have been hearing. Sugar is about eleven feet low, and the water color looks great. If you go and do not know the lake well, you need to be careful. But suffice it to say that that there are few things we are working on that you will be glad to hear if it all comes together. I am not so sure that the resurrection of Christ has a lot to do with the partying that goes on.. The shad are still thick on points and gravely banks.. That has the top of the lake dirty, and off color down to marker eight.. And while I should have/could have fished this week, the wind and work and licking my wounds from a solid week of fishing kept me off the water. I know a few good fish were caught last weekend in the tourney on squarebills, in very shallow water. It will be hosted over at Beacon as usual and there will be many more festivities as well.. Hopefully the wind will give us a reprieve soon, and we'll be able to fish without our pockets full of rocks. I got all my rods and reels put back together and respooled and tied on and all I'm waiting on is the flags to not look starched.. April 7, 2017: It's a bit on the cool side down here the last two mornings.. And nothing of any size till the API tournament rolls around sometimes in June.. Not a whole lot of anything else going on around here.. I have been down at Picachos in western Mexico for the last week. Other than a trip or two to Laredo for some yeast and copper line.. And don't be afraid to get between the bark and the sap as I like to say.. Which I have been supporting a lot the last few weeks. This drug is for continuing good brain function as you get along in years.. But I think there is a secret message in the name itself. Fact is that low water conditions down here have allowed us to get to a lot of fish that we could not get to last year. I am always concerned about dropping water levels.. We won't fill up till Amistad does, and currently, both lakes have room for a lot of water. I am gonna post some low water pics from the past in the next week or so.. For the mean time, the fish are going pretty crazy around here. If you follow other forums and social media, I am sure you can see that I am telling you straight.. " And for the most part I could care less if they were.. I heard from several groups that they caught consecutive fish on consecutive casts. Standing timber in eight to ten feet of water was productive for a lot of folks.. It appears that a heavy jig was very good, as the fish seemed to prefer a quick moving bait.. Spinner baits and squarebill's shallow between the stickups.. Hillary will not face any charges for the way she used her e-mail and set up her own unprotected server.

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