Keith urban dating anyone

Now and then, he showed me movies in his screening room—movies he thought would be helpful, or just fun to see. —and sometimes it was just me and the projectionist. On one occasion, when the Stones were touring behind their 1997 record we worked in Mick’s suite at the Four Seasons in Seattle as humidifiers churned our surroundings into a painting by Monet.Sometimes, it was the two of us in the screening room—he’d throw his head back as he laughed, Ha! “Sorry about the mist,” he said, “but I have to sing tonight.” He joked about the shows and the travel, life on a road trip that never ends. The 46-year-old actress also showed off her bare torso for the campaign images, which were shot by iconic photographer Sølve Sundsbø.“I really enjoyed working with Sølve, he is very creative but he is decisive and methodical in his direction,” Nicole said.It could have been worse, of course, and certainly much worse has happened to Urban, including past problems with drugs and alcohol that nearly wrecked his marriage to actress Nicole Kidman, in 2006, when it was just four months old.In the main, however, Urban thinks that many of his fans believe he's had an easy go of it, not so much the hardcore country ones but the vast number of newer ones who tune in because of his marriage and his four-year stint as the most affable of "They know me now as being married to Nic," he says. And they just sort of think, ' He's the luckiest guy in the world.'" Which it's hard not to.

Anywhere she goes always ensures plenty of laughs and happiness, and her brown eyes are almost as big as her heart.Movie premieres with Kidman, four Grammys, 10 Country Music Awards, a Golden Globe nomination, a stable of cars that includes a Bugatti with paddle shifters.And yet, he says, "There's just so much shit underneath all that that you didn't see." In truth, the hard times were harder than almost anyone except his wife knows, and more desperate, and more frightening, up to the point of should-I-live-or-should-I-die, with him favoring the latter."No, man," he says later on, "I didn't just walk into this gig." And then he proceeds to open up a little bit about some of the stuff that of the things you notice upon first encountering Urban is how terrific he smells.

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