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Zeek lands a role in a commercial, which surprises the family but also causes Camille to think about her achievements in comparison.

It cannot be denied that Jasmine looks glowing than ever, which her sister Anne Curtis can see and vouch for. Krista Miller is 5-months pregnant while rotting in jail!

Get out of your comfort zone a bit with the smoked trout sandwich, or hunker down with the juicy, classic burger.

Portions are sizable, so come hungry and with a crew - family-style meals are available with three meats, three sides, and cornbread muffins.

While you may be thinking a house filled with fourteen celebrities past and present is enough for any rational human being, Channel 5 producers are reportedly chucking in two extra famous bundles during a special live edition of the show.

But who’s offering themselves up to be judged, scorned and potentially served as a victim to Speidi? The beloved (sort of) Irish duo Jedward are apparently heading back into the house following their first stint back in 2011.

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