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Obama abstained…and the Goyim (the nations) passed UNSC Resolution 2334 condemning Israel’s settlement expansion in the Palestinian West Bank as “not legally valid” demanding they cease and desist.

Netanyahu called diplomacy a ‘conspiracy’ blaming Obama for scheming behind the world’s back to subvert the ‘pure and undefiled’ Zionist enterprise.

Bibsy threw a tantrum, recalled his ambassadors, and browbeat that seditious band.

work on Capitol Hill where Gentile shills depend on Jewish money to fund their campaigns, but UN Ambassadors lie outside the kosher belt.

In his brief he should include the latest war crime, murder of Qaddafis family, his son and three grandchildren and assassination attempt on life of the Libyan leader. Or will the pro-native opposition finally sort through its problems, rescue Rogozin from his Brussels retreat and seriously try to win Russia? The Americans, the Brits and the French by and large approve of their forces Libya bombing spree (yes, some doubt that its a good bang for the buck).

Cameron and Sarkozy, NATO field commanders and air teams should be indicted for this crime. The Russians are flatly against it, with no ifs, ands or buts.

Saudi Arabia shares the lowest places with Iran, Libya, North Korea and other dictatorship regimes.

Somehow, with Obama’s conspiratorial activity hidden from all, England and France had their own conspiracy going, raising their hands in affirmation.

Then the Jewish organizations—(all ten thousand of them)—cried “anti-Semitism,” yet not one nation on the UN Security Council stirred nor caved to the Jewish mouse.

Dont speak to strangers is what they told us in kindergarten, and Im sure Id be better off if I followed that advice.

I recently received a letter from the young American journalist Will Yakowicz.

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