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To ask that we make that even smaller by setting any ex of a friend off limits is pretty unfair, especially considering that one of the major ways we meet potential dates is through our friends. A bit of crossover is inevitable, and while it may seem noble to deny all attraction for the sake of a mate, it just isn’t realistic – we’re human, we’re horny, and we can very rarely help the fact that we find another human attractive.

Friendship circles allow dating and relationships to begin. This is especially true in the celeb world, where everyone knows each other, people from the industry are all hanging out, and it’s as easy as getting your people to call their people to arrange a date.

” Of course, this is particularly problematic — considering The Weeknd (real name — ) was with Bella for much of the past year before ultimately calling it quits in November.

“Their relationship deteriorated as they started spending more and more time apart due to work commitments,” the source tells exclusively.

In a turn of events so unexpected we almost can’t believe it’s true, Selena Gomez has been spotted kissing Bella Hadid’s ex-boyfriend, The Weeknd.

The pair were spotted by paparazzi after a “romantic dinner” at Giorgio Baldi, a restaurant in Los Angeles, holding hands and kissing.

made her feelings on the situation known by unfollowing her one-time friend Sel.

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In the back of her mind, she had her suspicions that there was someone else, but little did she know that person [was] Selena!

There’s no reason that someone’s failed relationship should hold you back from dating them.

If it didn’t work out with your friend, what’s the issue?

the reason's pretty simple -- she says they weren't that close.

Sources close to Selena say if Bella truly feels betrayed by her new fling, it comes without merit.

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