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Some people swear by certain ways of doing things, and we’re really based on… It’s rare for a band to continue to put out great music and to keep such consistent themes — what kinds of things do you find that you’re always coming back to in your writing, and what kinds of things, especially for , did you come up with just for that album?

Over the course of more than a decade together, Metric has solidified itself as one of the aughts' most powerful rock bands.

We're still in the game as musicians and people, although the game has gotten increasingly unrecognizable to us." Irrepressible first single "The Shade" originated in one of Shaw's daily synth jams and Haines wrote the lyrics during sessions at Oscilloscope Labs (the studio the Beastie Boys' Adam "MCA" Yauch built to record the group's later albums).

Patrick's Day by dancing and singing along to Metric's clever, hard-edged synth-drenched new-wave-ish pop songs.We were really getting the foundation of the band together, and were on the road forever. those two years, we were playing 250 shows a year or something.We really gave it, but now, it’s unusual how things played out with this record."Synthetica was about the battle between what's human and what's artificial, and integrating technology into our lives," Haines explains, referring to the band's — Haines, Shaw, bassist Josh Winstead and drummer Joules Scott-Key — acclaimed 2012 LP."And with this record we were making music for the joy of it.

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