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Other explanations for geographical clustering of autism have been suggested including clustering due to information related occupations [14], as well as rainfall [15].

Autism has also been increasingly associated with altered immunity and autoimmune disease [16-18] with multiple independent lines of molecular evidence including; antibodies found against brain proteins [19-21], cytokine aberrations [22-27], immune activation in the brain [28,29], transcriptional activation of immune pathways in the brain [30], gastrointestinal inflammation [31,32], and population based genetic associations [33].

We design a silicon microring modulator based on mutual-mode coupling tuning by introducing an electrically tunable grating in the microring.

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Although the causal basis for these associations with autism are unclear, many autism studies have suggested that they may be related to access to health resources, in the context of higher income and/ or education, influencing increasing autism diagnosis [11,13].We can start off by firing up IRB and requiring the Chronic is a Ruby natural language date/time parser written by Tom Preston-Werner (@mojombo) which takes surprisingly human readable text and converts it to dates.Covering everything that Chronic supports could take a while so definitely go check out the docs.Importantly, multiple population based epidemiological studies from different countries have found an increase in autoimmune disorders in families with autistic children, suggesting shared etiological factors, with type 1 diabetes and autoimmune thyroiditis [42] shown to be increased [43-48].An increase in cases of different autoimmune and inflammatory disorders in families with an index case of a given autoimmune disease is a consistent finding in many autoimmune disorders [49], and suggests a shared genetic etiology [50,51] of immune dysregulation.

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