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The social organisation of the Bosnia and Herzegovina-born in Australia depends mainly on their ethnic/religious background.Migration from Bosnia and Herzegovina to Australia has declined since the end of the conflicts.Drivers do not follow safe driving practices, and are known to speed and drive or group communicate better with Google Mail and more. However, you should exercise a high degree of caution the risk of unmarked landmines and unexploded ordnance, particularly in isolated mountainous areas and in the countryside.Demining operations are ongoing but unmarked landmines and unexploded ordnance continue to pose a risk, particularly in isolated mountainous areas and in the countryside.

In January 2014, the newspaper Dnevni Avaz published what it claimed were unofficial results on the ethnic composition of the population, showing it to be 48.4% Bosniak, 32.7% Serb and 14.6% Croat.Keep to main roads, stay on paved surfaces, avoid abandoned houses and buildings and travel only during daylight hours.War relics and unknown items should not be touched and should be reported to local authorities.The most recent census of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the 2013 census (Popis stanovništva u Bosni i Hercegovini 2013.), took place from 1 October until 15 October 2013 with a reference date of census 30 September 2013 at hours (midnight), It was organized by the Central Census Bureau of Bosnia and Herzegovina and supported by the European Union.Preliminary results of the census were published on 5 November 2013, revealing that 3,791,622 people were enumerated.

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