Dating science fair project ideas

To this end, ambitious 6th graders can design their experiments to be blind studies (or even double-blind studies! Kids will also start to think about the historical context surrounding their investigations and how their projects fit into the timeline of humanity's scientific knowledge as a whole.

Scientific knowledge is always subject to modification: new discoveries can challenge existing theories, enabling us to look at old observations in whole new ways.

The Healdsburg Area Science Fair has a rich history dating back over 50 years.

The competition is open to students of all ages between Kindergarten and Twelfth grade living in the area between Windsor and Cloverdale.

Investigations that involve observations and data gathering but not experiments are also appropriate.

While collections, demonstrations of known information, models, etc., are good things to do, they are not appropriate for our Science Fair.

If you want a Project Idea with full instructions, please pick one without an asterisk.

In recent years this has included students from over ten different schools plus home schooled students.

The "Healdsburg Area Science Fair" term is used to describe a week-long series of events including... Registration Dates: Sunday, TBD (Evening) pm - pm Monday, TBD (Morning) am - am You may work with no more than one partner.

Geologies use this method, called lichenometry, and other methods to establish dates and temporal sequences as they seek to construct a history from the available evidence.

In this geology science project, you will use lichenometry as a method for dating relatively recent events in your area, such as the formation of a manmade or geological feature or a disturbance in your area (for example, the building of a stone wall, the occurrence of a rock slide, or when a road was cut).

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