Dating culture in puerto rico

You’ll experience this diversity anywhere you look, listen, and taste.

Our museums feature both European classics and Afro-Caribbean sculpture.

Puerto Rico, established as a United States Commonwealth in 1952, enjoys all the major benefits of a formal state without sacrificing its distinct Spanish heritage and Latin culture. The nearby neighborhood of Old San Juan is a remarkable centuries-old residential and commercial district where you’ll find more than 400 carefully restored 16th- and 17th-century Spanish colonial buildings, a number of small museums, and marvelous restored forts.

currency, abides by federal laws, and offers financing opportunities similar to the mainland.

This fusion extends to almost every aspect of Puerto Rican life: our rich cuisine, colorful arts and crafts, vibrant music, and traditional festivals.The Taíno culture was the first infuence in Puerto Rican culture but it was Spanish culture which most greatly infuenced the island's history until the beggining of this century.When the Spanish forced the Tainos into slavery, virtually the entire indigenous population was decimated, except for a few Amerindians who escaped into the remote mountains.The recorded military history of Puerto Rico encompasses the period from the 16th century, when Spanish conquistadores battled native Taínos in the rebellion of 1511, to the present employment of Puerto Ricans in the United States Armed Forces in the military campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq.Puerto Rico was part of the Spanish Empire for four centuries, during which the people of Puerto Rico defended themselves against invasions from the British, French, and Dutch.

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