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With a #2 pencil, I bubbled in my name, my interests, and the top countries I was interested in: Yugoslavia (as it was called! In a couple of weeks I was matched with “Liliana from Yugoslavia”- we ended up writing for more than 10 years before we lost touch!It was an incredible experience to exchange pictures (I still have her stoic 5th grade school picture), stories from our schools, postcards from our vacations, etc.Writing to a pen-pal in another country can facilitate lifelong friendships- and at a minimum it creates a great learning experience that enhances social studies, geography, penmanship, and language skills.There are a couple of different ways to go about finding a pen-pal for your kids from another country.

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Filipina Love is a Filipina dating service dedicated to bringing Filipina singles and others searching for Filipina singles together in one central location. With their sweet nature and shy smiles, Filipina ladies posses an inner beauty that most men find irresistible.State and Federal Prisons do not allow computers, cell phones, tablets, or anything that connects to the Internet inside the confinement area.An inmate in possession of such a device is in violation of prison rules, and the consequences are severe.Whether you would like to cultivate friendship, practice a foreign language, discover new cultures, or develop your hobbies, please be assured that we will provide you with many new, refreshing, exciting and interesting contacts when you return to us the completed Application Form.In every instance, each member is provided with a personal list of penfriends who have been individually matched according to age group, hobbies and interests.

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