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Take some time to build up your confidence, and before you know it walking up to that cute guy at the bar won't be a problem.

Sexual infidelity is often considered the ultimate betrayal. When a heterosexual couple experiences infidelity and the offense is committed with someone of the same sex, it turns worlds upside down. We expect that our partners will keep our interests in mind even when potential rewards tempt them to break the rules.

"I just kept my same photos as a guy, but they still swiped right and started chatting with me," he told me. Heterosexual-identifying men chatting up another guy? How would men seeking women react to matching with a man?

Having one or more close relatives with prostate cancer also increases a man’s risk.

Don’t give up – find the respectful care you deserve!

The American Cancer Society can help you learn more about the cancers that men are most at risk for, as well as how to find these cancers early.

As I wrote in Finally Out: Letting Go of Living Straight, I know something about breaking rules.

I was married with two children when I unexpectedly fell in love with a man.

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