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Just leave an ID with the guard at the main gate, and follow the paved road to your preferred destination (falls or clubhouse).The place is ideal for motorcyclists and road trippers who want to go swimming and have picnics during the weekends.

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It also called Lukang Beach by some locals named after its owner, Attorney Peter Lukang, a Chinese businessman based in Lucena City.

This private beach is available to the public on daytrip visits and is accessible by boat and by land.

The cove is also known for its beautiful limestone rock formations that form a unique cave famously known as Kwebang Lampas.

Perhaps it was because of my low expectations of finding something extra-ordinary here, or maybe I was just unprepared for the sight that was revealed when our boat made a sudden turn towards the cove (most beaches here can be seen from afar as you approach them, but Puting Buhangin which is hidden by limestone cliffs at both ends cannot be seen until you round the corner). It has fine white sand and crystal-clear waters that change with alternating shades of emerald and azure.

Its seabed is devoid of rocks, seaweed and rough coral which is my kind of beach for swimming.

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